Press Release

May 01, 2020

Working To Protect The Community During COVID-19 Outbreak
Midwest Enviro Solutions provides sanitizing for local facilities and businesses Ann Arbor, Mich. —

Midwest Enviro Solutions, an environmental sanitizing and decontamination company, is committed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus outbreak through their Community Wellness Initiative.

“We are fortunate enough to have the means to help protect the health of a community. We feel a strong responsibility to take the necessary precautions to protect employees, workspaces, and the public with EPA approved, and WHO and CDC recommended products to treat COVID-19,” said Owner and Operator, Rick Allen. “Through advanced technology and sanitization efforts, we can work together to help stop the spread and get life back to normal.”

The demand for sanitization and better-protected surfaces is stronger than ever. Midwest Enviro Solutions is one of the select businesses in Michigan to be a certified applicator of the BactiBarrier system, which could play a crucial role in helping the state flatten the curve of COVID-19. BactiBarrier is an advanced solution in sanitization that helps to do away with built up microbial growth on treated surfaces for a long-lasting sanitization. The Manchester, Michigan based company is working with essential businesses around the state to provide a complete sanitization solution. From municipalities and workspaces to restaurants, doctors offices, and VA properties, Midwest Enviro  Solutions are using this advanced technology to protect Michigan residents.

Midwest Enviro Solutions is working hard to do their part in sanitizing and decontaminating the state of Michigan. They have donated hundreds of bottles of BactiBarrier disinfectant to businesses that are on the frontline. They are also working with delivery drivers, gas stations, lumber yards, restaurants, and others working in the public to ensure all have received BactiBarrier spray bottles to better protect their health. Midwest Enviro Solutions will continue to work with the community to help ensure safety and sanitization to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful pollutants.

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