Home During the fall

Bacteria, Viruses, Lint, OH MY!

Typically you clean your air ducts and your carpets right before moving into a new home or just before you move-out. However, do you ever think about the air ducts again? Is it only spot cleaning carpets after that? Perhaps you have that memory of Johnny running through the house muddy and the carpets were cleaned then too but it isn’t something that gets thought of again. Well, think again! These two aspects of our homes are some of the easiest and largest collectors of lint, allergens, bacteria, viruses, dirt, and general grime that can dramatically affect the air we breathe every day.

Air ducts provide most of the ventilation in our homes for most of the year. Depending on your weather you can get some time with the windows open and just the fresh air. That’s a great way to circulate air, however you’re also adding a lot more particles to your home environment.  Then as soon as winter comes around those particles get locked into the carpets and air ducts for months! When the heat gets turned on you just created a nice cozy environment for lots of viruses and bacteria to stick around much longer. That is definitely not the way I want to start my winter season. Now is the best time to clean your carpets and air ducts. The kids are in school, the weather is still nice, but not too humid to dry your carpets and when you do decide to turn your heat on you can rest assured knowing the home is clean.

Have you ever turned your heat on only to notice it smelled like something was burning? Summer times can bring in lots of new allergens, pollen, bacteria, and viruses and with the air circulation they tend to get stuck in our air ducts. During the summer my kids are almost always barefoot which means they track all that dirt and who-knows-what-else into the home and right into the carpets. Instead of just dealing with that burnt smell or watching that plume of dust come off the carpet this fall, clean the air ducts and carpets. Midwest Enviro Solutions offers a sanitizing and cleaning service that uses an advanced formula which destroys mold spores and kills bacteria and viruses. Now you can rest completely assured that your home is the safest environment to hunker down in and enjoy the sweet winter months inside together.

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