New Technology: Looking Ahead

At MES, we’re constantly looking for ways to make your life easier and improve the overall health at your home or business. Last week, we introduced our work on a particle counter system that could change the way we care for your high-risk mold locations. However, there are other areas mold shows up and testing to verify it can be complicated. A certified air tester is one way to get clear, reliable results through MES but that is not always the best solution for every household.

We are currently developing a personal air tester that YOU can use at home, at your own convenience. This device allows you to test in specific concern areas, mail the samples in to our facility, then receive clear results in no time. This is a great solution for areas where you’re not sure mold is present but still concerned about. By testing yourself, you may save more money and it’s all at your own convenience. Another benefit is limited physical contact. Since you are the one running the tester there’s no risk of outside contact. For some families or households this is very important. While COVID changed the way most of us look at viruses and diseases, there are still others with compromised immune systems, severe allergies, or mental illnesses to name a few that make this air testing solution the ideal method to help you care for your home and health.

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