A Breath of Fresh Air

          There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air!  Since we’ve already discussed the scary side of air pollution today we’re going to give you some simple and practical tips to help the environment and your immediate surroundings to improve your air quality and thereby improve your health. 

  1. Reduce gas emissions: car pooling, combining trips out to stores, turn off your vehicle instead of idling, 
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint by using energy saving appliances, being careful how you use your appliances too- like the A/C and heater. 
  3. Recycle- using items that have already been manufactured from our natural and raw resources saves those resources from being used unnecessarily a second or third time.
  4. Watch what you buy: trade out any non-reusable items in the home with reusable ones, like plastic bags or paper products.
  5. Smart with food: eating local reduces the need for our food to travel longer distances as well as supports our local economies. You can also start your own garden and eat your own food! Also eating seasonal produce reduces food travel.
  6. Plants: Growing fruit trees is a great way to garden as well as improve outdoor air quality. Keeping indoor plants that naturally filter air is also great for your indoor air quality.
  7. Opening up your house: letting your indoor air circulate through open windows helps improve air quality indoors as well as saves you money on the heating and cooling bill.
  8. Clean cleaning: using products that are not made with harsh chemicals is a better option. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that are made from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource. Not only is it something we should be careful using and mining but it also easily evaporates in the air and is detrimental to our indoor air quality.
  9. Humidity: keeping your indoor air humidity low helps prevent viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi from growing. Using fans in high humidity areas helps keep humidity low, like bathrooms and kitchens. Exchanging outside air with your indoor air can also help.
  10. Air filter: A good air filter will also improve indoor air quality. For some of us in big cities, opening windows can pose a problem during poor outdoor air quality, a good air filter is a great alternative.

          At Midwest Enviro Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping you keep a safe and healthy home. We provide services that can help you keep your indoor spaces clean. Our fogging and cleaning services kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and remove unwanted dust. We also provide mold remediation services that can remove the mold as well as preserve as much of your home as is safely recommended. If you’re unsure about an area in your home or business we are also here to inspect and provide air tests so you can have peace of mind about your space. Air pollution is unfortunately something we’ve caused but if we all take a small step or two to help combat the pollution, results are sure to follow!