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“In 45 minutes we can inspect your home for hidden areas that may harbor pollutants that are known to damage your home and potentially your health.”
Rick Allen
Midwest Enviro Solutions
Owner Operator
Midwest Enviro Solutions utilizes a complete broad spectrum disinfectant that is EPA approved, and WHO and CDC recommended. This is an solution in sanitization that helps to do away with built up microbial growth and pollutants on treated surfaces for a long-lasting sanitization. Midwest Enviro Solutions has been assisting businesses and government agencies all over the state in decontaminating and eliminating viruses and other harmful pollutants with this complete solution.
Midwest Enviro Solutions offers a variety of advanced sanitizing solutions like natural and steam sanitizing, hepa-vacuuming, toxic removal, antimicrobial spray, and others. Our team has the ability to inspect, clean, and sanitize offices, homes, boats, schools, gyms, restaurants, day cares, and many other types of businesses.

We recommend Advanced Sanitizing or In-Depth Inspections for the following common problems:

  • You’ve recently purchased a new-to-you home.
  • You’ve recently experienced a flood or water leak.
  • You, or someone in your home, are immune-compromised.
  • You, or someone in your home, has had a surgery.
  • You, or someone in your home, suffers from allergies.
  • You have a smell in your basement or crawlspace.
  • If you feel your house is making you sick.

The Midwest Enviro Solutions team is working to help stop the spread of viruses and other harmful pollutants to continue giving Michigan business owners the star of sanitation needed for a healthy and successful business. We offer a variety of different types of sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to best suit the needs of business owners in the state of Michigan and throughout the midwest. Protecting your investment. Protecting your health.

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For an EMERGENCY inspection, please call immediately!

“If you suspect you have mold, know you have mold, are buying a new-to-you home, or are immune-compromised due to a recent surgery or medical treatment, we are here to put your mind at ease.”
Wendy Allen
Midwest Enviro Solutions
Chief Operating Officer
What to expect during our inspection.
During your Air Quality Inspection we may use the following methods to reveal the locations and or severity of mold and toxic substances:
- Visual Inspection
- Moisture and Psychometric Testing
- Spore Trap Sampling
- Surface Samples
- Thermal Imaging
- Particle Counting
- ATP Testing
  • “Rick was absolutely the best pro I’ve ever worked with. Explained everything very well. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Wish he did more then just mold. It was a absolute pleasure to work with him”
    James J.
    Jackson, Michigan
  • “Rick Allen, CEO of Midwest Enviro, did a thorough job, was professional, educated us through the process and said we did not need his services after testing proved all was well with home. He is honest, thorough, effective, like-able, professional and personable. I am recommending him to others.”
    Joseph B.
    Northville, Michigan
  • “They were able to schedule our appointment right away. Rick was friendly and they worked efficiently. Waiting for them to return and test the air quality following treatment. I did not know that they would not be replacing the dry wall they removed to do the treatment. Price was along lines of others we called.”
    Juanita H.
    Pontiac, Michigan
  • “Rick from Midwest Enviro Solutions was beyond amazing! For starters, Rick’s inspection, communication and quote was extremely thorough. Secondly, he beat his competitors (two as a matter of fact) by half in price. Last but most importantly, the job was WELL DONE!! Oh and did I mention Rick’s wonderful disposition? If not, it’s certainly worth mentioning as he has an excellent way of making a nervous seller feel safe in knowing the job will be done well. Needless to say, I/we will be referring everyone to Midwest Enviro Solutions (in particular Rick). Thanks again!! 🙂”
    Terri R.
    Redford, Michigan
  • “The owner was very polite and friendly. Got on the job very quickly.”
    Richard E S.
    Saline, Michigan
  • “If you find that you need mold remediation, you are likely very worried and urgently require information. Call Midwest Enviro Solutions. Rick Allen is capable of educating you quickly on the remediation process and reassuring you at the same time that you home will be fine. Estimates, scheduling, updates and reports follow one another in a quick succession. Rick is accessible and responsive to inquiries. I cannot recommend him more highly.”
    Lynn Booth