Is your crawlspace causing health issues in your home?

Crawlspace Encapsulation and Mold in your basement

Crawlspace encapsulation and Mold in your basement can cause serious health issues. Mold can grow in your crawl space/basement when the relative humidity is 50% or higher. Relative humidity is the percentage of moisture in the air compared to the maximum amount it can hold at a given temperature. This is called saturation, and it happens when the humidity level reaches 100%. The temperature of the air affects how much moisture it can hold, so when the temperature changes, the humidity level also changes. If the humidity level goes above 50%, the air becomes too moist for your crawl space/basement and creates a perfect environment for mold growth. You can see this when condensation forms on the surfaces, making them damp. This moisture can damage the organic materials in your crawl space/basement, such as wood, insulation, or carpet.

To measure the humidity level of your crawl space/basement, you can use a device called a hygrometer. A hygrometer shows you how much moisture is in the air. A thermo-hygrometer is even better because it also shows you the temperature of the air. This helps you understand how the relative humidity changes with the temperature. For example, if the weather is hot during the day, the air can hold more moisture and the humidity level may be low. But if the temperature drops at night, the air can hold less moisture and the humidity level may rise. This can cause problems for your crawl space/basement because it becomes too humid for too long.

To prevent mold growth in your crawl space/basement, you need to keep the humidity level below 50%. You can do this by properly insulating and venting your crawl space/basement and installing vapor barriers. These steps will help control the temperature and reduce the moisture in your crawl space/basement. By using a thermo-hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity levels, you can track how they change over time and adjust accordingly.


Turning crawl spaces/basements into dry spaces!

We use a dry-space technique that consists of these steps:
– Cleaning the space thoroughly and removing any mold.
– Installing a sturdy vapor barrier that covers the entire floor and the sidewalls up to six inches below the floor joists.
– Sealing the vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering.

This technique makes your home healthier and more energy efficient. It protects your home from mold and improves its comfort level.


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