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Advanced sanitizing is a solution for safe and accurate disinfecting. Through our advanced sanitizing solutions, you can now limit chemical exposure and keep your spaces free of mold and other harmful contaminants. Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, dealing with mold, have crawl spaces, a compromised immune system, allergies or flooding and water leaks, advanced sanitizing offers a solution.
No matter the reasoning why, when working with Midwest Enviro Solutions, you can ensure that your space is tested, safe, and sanitized. Midwest Enviro Solutions is proud to be a certified applicator of the BactiBarrier system which has played a crucial role in helping Michigan flatten the curve with the recent pandemic. We offer affordable solutions to keeping homes and businesses safe from common problems and harmful pollutants. We offer a variety of advanced sanitizing solution options to best serve and protect your health. Through air quality inspections and advanced sanitizing solutions, we are able to stop the threat at the source and provide peace of mind. When you work with us, you get a 1 year guarantee, extendable with a yearly inspection.
BactiBarrier® Protects Against Unwanted Microbes

BactiBarrier is a bonded, eco-friendly, odorless, and noncorrosive nanotechnology inhibits the growth and multiplication of harmful viable organic matter. It is a long-lasting invisible solution that gives you peace of mind knowing your space is protected.

BactiBarrier embodies a physical mode of action using cationic charge density in the crosslinked polymer structure giving this quat silane technology multi-spectrum control. The strain of the microbe has no bearing on the efficacy of the mode of action, thus all strains of staph are controlled, including MRSA strains.

Long-Lasting Protection

BactiBarrier bonds to the treated surface, standing guard against future microbial growth. It provides long-lasting protection that keeps working again and again. The cured antimicrobial is nonvolatile, insoluble, and non-leaching which allows the treatment to last.

Environmentally Friendly

BactiBarrier bonds with the treated surface, mechanically destroying microbes which allow for less harmful chemicals to be released into the environment. This biodegradable product is typically more effective as it restores to its natural elements.

Typically, antimicrobial products use heavy metals to essentially chemically poison microbes. This usually results in some of that poison coming off the surface each time it destroys a microbe, leaving behind less antimicrobial effectiveness, and introduces into the environment.


Rick Allen, the owner of Midwest Enviro Solutions, has been in the construction, remodeling, and indoor air business since 1981 and has been servicing Southeast Michigan for almost four decades. Through his previous involvement in inspection and assessment of homes and businesses, he saw a need for addressing safety issues and completing work in a more effective way. The many problems that he came across triggered the quest for mold and impacted his career indefinitely. Around ten years ago, Rick made the switch into the mold and air testing industry where he became certified in a multitude of areas. Rick has certification in construction codes, Bio-risk management, Indoor Air Asbestos Assessment, Asbestos contracting, and water restoration technician. For the last couple of years Rick was developing a program called the Community Wellness Initiative where he would consult with businesses regarding employee absenteeism and how unsanitized areas contribute to this growing problem. Right after the pandemic hit, Midwest Enviro Solutions wanted to act and help the community as best as we could. Due to the overwhelming attention on how infectious diseases can spread and impact our daily lives, health and livelihood, there was an outcry to implement improved precautions to better protect the community. This is where Midwest Enviro Solutions stepped in and began to adapt to provide sanitation and decontamination services for businesses and homes across Mid-Michigan.

Rick Allen,
Rick Allen is the owner of Midwest Enviro Solutions. He has been in the construction, remodeling, and the indoor air business since 1981 and has been servicing Southeast Michigan for almost four decades. He has previously worked as an inspector for insurance companies which has helped in assessing homes and businesses. Rick has certifications in construction codes, Bio-risk management, Indoor Air Asbestos Assessment, Asbestos contracting, and is a certified Water Technician. He has a passion for helping others maintain safe environments whether that be through mold remediation, bat guano, or air quality inspection. In his spare time Rick enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, bicycling, and being outdoors.
Matt Wolf,
Project Manager/Inspector
Matt Wolf is the Project Manager/Inspector at Midwest Enviro Solutions (MES). He joined the team back in 2019 and currently partakes in Air Testing, Inspections, and Mold Remediation. Matt is an Indoor Air Quality Specialist and is certified in Bio-risk Management. Prior to his involvement in the mold and air testing industry, Matt worked in the automotive industry for 10 years and throughout that time managed a Ford and Lincoln dealership. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and boating.
Wendy Allen,
Office Manager/Marketing Director
Wendy Allen is the office manager and marketing director at Midwest Enviro Solutions. Having studied marketing at Eastern Michigan University, Wendy has spent her career helping other businesses in their marketing endeavors. Before joining the MES with owner and husband, Rick Allen, Wendy spent many years in marketing and as a successful realtor. Her dedication for helping others is what brought her to MES and had her serve years as the director of events on the board at Michigan Ability Partners where she helped raise money to help veterans in northeastern Michigan. She still enjoys her full-time job as a mom of three and grandma to seven. Outside of the office, Wendy spends her time with her family, traveling, baking, and biking.
Morgan Marshall,
Marketing Manager
Morgan Marshall is the marketing manager at Midwest Enviro Solutions (MES). Morgan recently graduated from Spring Arbor University in May of 2020 where she received her Bachelor of Science-Marketing. Throughout her four years at the University, she had the privilege of playing collegiate soccer and leading her team as captain. She has just begun her career working with Midwest Enviro Solutions and thoroughly enjoys working with others and on different marketing platforms. In her current role, Morgan is responsible for social media and marketing content. In her spare time Morgan enjoys playing soccer, spending time with family and friends, traveling and finding new places to eat.

Zachery Allen, Lead Indoor Air Technician  

Zachery Allen is one of the Lead Technicians at Midwest Enviro Solutions (MES). He spent two years attending Santa Monica College where he studied Business. Zach then went on to get his certification in TEFL which allowed him to teach English in Paris and Madrid. After his return to the U.S. he became certified in Mold Assessment, VOC Assessment, Cannabis and Smell Mitigation Technologies, Indoor Mold Growth, Endotoxin Testing, and Radon Testing. Currently, Zach has taken the role as our Lead Indoor Air Technician. After taking classes at the McCrone Research Institute in Microscopy and Fungal Spore Identification, Zach has become our very own Lab Specialist. Zach enjoys expanding his knowledge of mold identification and relating it to the health of our clients, their homes, and or businesses. In his spare time Zach enjoys fashion, music, and theatre.

Brandon Scully,
Lead Technician
Brandon Scully is one of the Lead Technicians at Midwest Enviro Solutions (MES). In his current role, Brandon partakes in a multitude of tasks that consist of sanitation and decontamination, mold remediation, and bat guano removal. He is certified in Mold Assessment, VOC Assessment, Cannabis and Smell Mitigation Technologies, Indoor Mold Growth, and Intro to Duct Cleaning. Brandon's newest certification is in Crack Repair. He has experienced repairing cracks in both basements and driveways. In Brandon’s spare time he enjoys watching baseball, golf, and working out.
John Rose,
Meet John Rose, one of our technicians at Midwest Enviro Solutions. John has been a part of our team since 2020 and works in a variety of divisions within the company including mold remediation, general sanitizing, crawlspace encapsulation, attic insulation and carpet cleaning. He is certified in mold assessment, mold growth indoors and carpet cleaning. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and recording music in his home recording studio.
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  • “Rick was absolutely the best pro I’ve ever worked with. Explained everything very well. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Wish he did more then just mold. It was a absolute pleasure to work with him”
    James J.
    Jackson, Michigan
  • “Rick Allen, CEO of Midwest Enviro, did a thorough job, was professional, educated us through the process and said we did not need his services after testing proved all was well with home. He is honest, thorough, effective, like-able, professional and personable. I am recommending him to others.”
    Joseph B.
    Northville, Michigan
  • “They were able to schedule our appointment right away. Rick was friendly and they worked efficiently. Waiting for them to return and test the air quality following treatment. I did not know that they would not be replacing the dry wall they removed to do the treatment. Price was along lines of others we called.”
    Juanita H.
    Pontiac, Michigan
  • “Rick from Midwest Enviro Solutions was beyond amazing! For starters, Rick’s inspection, communication and quote was extremely thorough. Secondly, he beat his competitors (two as a matter of fact) by half in price. Last but most importantly, the job was WELL DONE!! Oh and did I mention Rick’s wonderful disposition? If not, it’s certainly worth mentioning as he has an excellent way of making a nervous seller feel safe in knowing the job will be done well. Needless to say, I/we will be referring everyone to Midwest Enviro Solutions (in particular Rick). Thanks again!! 🙂”
    Terri R.
    Redford, Michigan
  • “The owner was very polite and friendly. Got on the job very quickly.”
    Richard E S.
    Saline, Michigan
  • “If you find that you need mold remediation, you are likely very worried and urgently require information. Call Midwest Enviro Solutions. Rick Allen is capable of educating you quickly on the remediation process and reassuring you at the same time that you home will be fine. Estimates, scheduling, updates and reports follow one another in a quick succession. Rick is accessible and responsive to inquiries. I cannot recommend him more highly.”
    Lynn Booth