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Rick Allen owner operator Midwest Enviro Solutions

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Rick Allen is the owner of Midwest Enviro Solutions. He has been in the construction, remodeling, and the indoor air business since 1981 and has been servicing Southeast Michigan for almost four decades. He has previously worked as an inspector for insurance companies which has helped in assessing homes and businesses. Rick has certifications in construction codes, Bio-risk management, Indoor Air Asbestos Assessment, Asbestos contracting, and is a certified Water Technician. He has a passion for helping others maintain safe environments whether that be through mold remediation, bat guano, or air quality inspection. In his spare time Rick enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, bicycling, and being outdoors.

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Wendy Allen

Office Manager/Marketing Director

Wendy Allen is the office manager and marketing director at Midwest Enviro Solutions. Having studied marketing at Eastern Michigan University, Wendy has spent her career helping other businesses in their marketing endeavors. Before joining the MES with owner and husband, Rick Allen, Wendy spent many years in marketing and as a successful realtor. Her dedication for helping others is what brought her to MES and had her serve years as the director of events on the board at Michigan Ability Partners where she helped raise money to help veterans in northeastern Michigan. She still enjoys her full-time job as a mom of three and grandma to seven. Outside of the office, Wendy spends her time with her family, traveling, baking, and biking.

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Wendy Allen Midwest Enviro Solutions
Matt Wolf Midwest Enviro Solutions

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Project Manager/Inspector

Matt Wolf, an exceptional Project Manager/Inspector at Michigan Enviro Solutions (MES), has been an invaluable asset to our team since 2019. With his profound expertise in Air Testing, Inspections, and Mold Remediation, Matt plays a pivotal role in ensuring superior Indoor Air Quality. His dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards is evident through his certification in Bio-risk Management. Before venturing into the mold and air testing industry, Matt honed his skills in the automotive field, where he admirably managed a Ford and Lincoln dealership for an impressive decade. Beyond his remarkable professional achievements, Matt also finds solace in leisure activities such as golfing and boating during his spare time.


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Zachary Allen | LinkedIn

Laboratory Technician  

Zachery Allen is out Laboratory Technician at Midwest Enviro Solutions (MES). He spent two years attending Santa Monica College where he studied Business. Zach then went on to get his certification in TEFL which allowed him to teach English in Paris and Madrid. After his return to the U.S., he became certified in Mold Assessment, VOC Assessment, Cannabis and Smell Mitigation Technologies, Indoor Mold Growth, Endotoxin Testing, and Radon Testing. Currently, Zach has taken the role as our Lead Indoor Air Technician. After taking classes at the McCrone Research Institute in Microscopy and Fungal Spore Identification, Zach has become our very own Lab Specialist. Zach enjoys expanding his knowledge of mold identification and relating it to the health of our clients, their homes, and or businesses. In his spare time Zach enjoys fashion, music, and theatre.

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Zach Allen Midwest Enviro Solutions
Brandon Scully Midwest Enviro Solutions

Brandon Scully

Lead Technician

Brandon Scully is one of the Lead Technicians at Midwest Enviro Solutions (MES). In his current role, Brandon partakes in a multitude of tasks that consist of sanitation and decontamination, mold remediation, and bat guano removal. He is certified in Mold Assessment, VOC Assessment, Cannabis and Smell Mitigation Technologies, Indoor Mold Growth, and Intro to Duct Cleaning. Brandon’s newest certification is in Crack Repair. He has experienced repairing cracks in both basements and driveways. In Brandon’s spare time he enjoys watching baseball, golf, and working out.

John Rose


Meet John Rose, an invaluable member of the Michigan Enviro Solutions team. John joined our ranks in 2020 and has since showcased his incredible expertise across various divisions within our company. Specializing in mold remediation, general sanitizing, crawlspace encapsulation, attic insulation, and carpet cleaning, John is a true jack-of-all-trades. His extensive knowledge is fortified by certifications in mold assessment, mold growth indoors, and carpet cleaning. Beyond his unwavering commitment to our mission, John finds solace and creative expression in playing guitar and recording music in his very own home studio. We are proud to have John as part of our dedicated team, contributing his exceptional skills to providing environmental solutions throughout Michigan.
John Rose Midwest Enviro Solutions