Welcome back to our monthly edition of Meet the Team! Today I’m excited to introduce you to my very own brother, Zach Allen.

Zach has been with Midwest Enviro Solutions back in 2019. He started as a laborer working on the job sites to remediate mold and make your place a healthy environment again. Since his start at MES, he’s taken classes to learn more about mold. His classes at McCrone Research Institute have given him the expertise to collect, read, and interpret mold samples. So far he has certifications for mold and radon testing and hopes to expand his knowledge to include asbestos as well. Zach certainly does some heavy lifting for us at MES and we’re grateful for his experience. He enjoys his work but it’s the peace of mind and health he can bring back to your life that he appreciates most.

So far Zach is our lead lab technician and our indoor air specialist. He hopes to work with MES to expand this division providing more laboratory services and work with others who have similar interests in air quality to help all our customers attain healthier homes.

Dusting is certainly not my favorite household chore however Zach’s advice to maintaining a healthy home is keeping the dust away. Those hard to reach horizontal areas like above the kitchen cabinets or on ceiling fans- those are prime areas to disturb your indoor air quality.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know our team here at MES and thanks to Zach for your service and helpful advice to help keep our homes and businesses safe!