Health in the Workplace

Are you a business with employees? Do you serve customers in a physical store? Have you considered that by investing in cleaning services you could not only improve your company but also provide employees with health care and help increase profitability?

You may already understand appearances and product placement make a big difference in profits. However, appearances aren’t limited to design and staging, having a clean store, restrooms, office space, etc. has proven to encourage customers to return. Did you know that in a customer survey, 94% of participants said they would stay away from a business if their restrooms were dirty? In other words, clean businesses can generate more profits simply because the customer likes it! That’s an easy way to take care of your building and resources as well as the client.

By investing in good cleaning services, you have greater potential for increased profits. On the flip side of business management, clean work environments also support the employees. Sick employees needing to stay home cost companies billions of dollars every year. Not only in terms of money are they losing but in overall work performance. When an employee is not feeling healthy their cognitive functions are severely affected. Even dust exposure causes a 2-6% decrease in their cognitive skills.  Since most absences due to illness are not planned this also affects the company’s overall productivity by as much as 54% and a 39% decline in sales. Yikes! If you study the results of a few studies, when a company invests in cleaning services there is an 80% less chance of catching the common cold and flu; Surfaces contaminated with viruses are reduced by 62% and employees are less likely to report being absent by 46%! These percentages result in a 2-8% productivity gain because you have more consistent levels of employees present and healthy. In terms of finances, for a 100-employee office setting with an average salary of $25,000 this saves the company $125,000. The small productivity gains may not seem like a lot but the little care taken for a safe and clean environment adds up in the big picture.

With the worry COVID has brought into our lives, we understand on new levels and more intimately the importance of being clean is to our health and the health of others. Investing money in cleaning and maintaining your company and its employees could be the best decision you make for your business for the entire decade. Health care has lasting and compound impacts that set you and your business up for success!