What Your Realtor Wishes You Knew

Buying and selling houses is not for the faint of heart. The market is always changing and real estate agents are the savvy experts that are there to help us navigate the waters of the housing market. There are a few things most real estate agents wish for you to know.

  • Move-in ready! Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a move-in ready home is ideal. If you’re buying, you’re likely hoping to do so sooner rather than later and knowing the home is ready for you is not only an incentive to get your ducks in a row but also reassuring you won’t find any surprises come closing day. For the seller, preparing your home for potential buyers is a great way to ease your stress come moving day. Don’t wait to get started preparing your home if you know you’ll be selling.
  • Don’t be afraid to interview your real estate agent- finding the right fit helps everyone. Each realtor brings their own experience to the table and some bring everything you’re looking for to the table while others may not have the experience needed to help you best. Plus, we all have quirks and personalities don’t always mesh well. You’re about to engage in an important task- finding the right home for YOU, not your realtor, so make sure you’re comfortable with the person you’re putting in charge of this lofty task.
  • You’re on camera. Surprise! Or perhaps it’s not a surprise seeing as how our homes are becoming more ‘smart’ every year. This is a common practice with anyone needing to keep a close eye on things- nanny’s, children, and even potential buyers. While this might be sneaky, it’s a great way to get a behind-the-scences look at people that come through their house. So, be careful what you say or do if you ever go look at someone’s house, you might be on camera.
  • Shop your price range. This can be frustrating for your realtor- if you’re tempted to look at homes above your price range, chances are when you go looking at what you can actually afford you’ll be disappointed no matter what. Don’t do that to your realtor and especially not yourself. It’s better to get your finances in order so you know ahead of time what you’re working with to find the best house IN your price bracket!
  • Don’t trust the internet. I know the internet is a great and sometimes scary place and there are sites with all kinds of homes ‘for sale.’ While these sites can be accurate from what’s available to what a home might be worth, more often than not it’s best to not rely on these numbers. Realtors are trained to know the market around your house as well as what’s selling, and how to price your home or offer to get the best bang for your buck- selling or buying. Afterall, this is a big reason why you’ve hired a realtor.
  • Be prepared to act. While the housing market can make anyone crazy with how fast it changes, one thing is usually always true- when you find what you’re looking for make sure you are ready to make an offer. Sometimes this means having your current home ready to sell, other times it could mean just having finances prepared. Either way, talk to your realtor about the steps to take so you’re ready when you do find that perfect home.
  • Realtors are there to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your realtor for additional help during the buying or selling process. They are waiting to help you and often have a slew of knowledge ready to offer. If not, they almost always have a contact that can help answer your question too.
  • Cash wins, usually. Who doesn’t like cash? Well, when it comes to buying homes, sellers love cash offers. Not everyone, or perhaps most of us can’t offer cash out right but including cash in an offer does sweeten the deal for the sellers. It’s also good to note that if you end up submitting an offer among many, if there’s cash involved, they’re the likely winners. Be prepared.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list and not every realtor gives the same advice, it’s always helpful having more knowledge going into a new adventure like housing hunting. Hopefully these tips better prepare you for your journey through the housing market! Stay tuned next week for tips on selling a home.