House Hunting

          House hunting reminds me of children. As a single person you may think about the future and imagine having children one day but still it’s all imaginary. Then when you’re ready to have kids of your own you dream of the scenario with heart-tinted glasses. Everything is super sweet and cuddly. For some reason you never think about all the diaper changes, morning sickness, tantrums, sibling fights, arguing over why you refuse to let them jump in the pond at the park. Kids sound like super fun things, a mini-me or a small version of your significant other. I mean if the children got their dimples *swoon.* Am I right? But the reality is a lot more stressful and time consuming. The real estate market is a fickle thing  however a great realtor can make the process smooth and cut back on the stress. One thing all good realtors recommend is a good cleaning- whether you’re buying or selling. Setting the stage for potential buyers with a clean home helps build trust that these buyers feel like they won’t be surprised by something later on if the homeowners take such great care to clean well. Conversely, when buying a home even if the sellers seemed like great people it’s always great to start off with a clean slate. (Puns are always intended).

You may just be thinking about a good scrub over all the surfaces as a sufficient cleaning but you’d be mistaken. A thorough cleaning company can do the basics: all the rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, baseboards, windows, dusting, the works but what about the air ducts and vents? That’s a service for which you have to find a special company. A lot of dust and build up in vents can cause allergies to flair or simply impair your air quality. Plus, if pets are involved that complicates matters. While you’re thinking about your air quality, is the simple deep cleaning and air duct cleaning enough? In this day and age where we are all highly aware of antigens and our health, air quality is of utmost importance. MidWest Enviro Solutions’ fogging is a perfect way to break in the new house or put your buyers at ease to the effect that you take the care of the house and their health seriously. For home buyers and sellers MES offers a one time fogging that neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and mold spores in the air or on surfaces. They also supply a maintenance kit that includes the fogging solution in an easy to use spray bottle for areas you desire to have extra attention or hot spots where people touch frequently.

The home buying and selling process may be stressful and heaps of work but with MES on your team you’re sure to ease any potential buyers fears and quell the storm of nerves when settling into your new home.