Secrets to Selling

There’s always a little stress involved with any kind of change and moving homes is certainly a large change that’s sure to bring stress. However, there are ways to help make the process easier on all involved and maybe even sell that house sooner.

  • Declutter, declutter, declutter!
    • You’ve probably heard it before but decluttering is the best advice and if I had to choose only one thing to tell a seller it would be this. Decluttering makes homes easier to clean, nicer to look at, and helps potential buyers see a space better. Plus, when it comes time to move out there is a lot less to move. You’re welcome.
  • Make those fixes now
    • Whether you’re thinking about selling soon or already in the process of listing your home, it’s best to make those small fixes, you’ve put off, now. Buyers aren’t dumb, afterall you’ll likely be one shortly, and if they don’t know where to look, an inspector or realtor will. If the buyers come back requesting some changes you’ll likely be under a time deadline. Save yourself the hassle and restrictions and do the work now.
  • Don’t be afraid to showcase family photos- unless you’re concerned about privacy, family photos are a great way to show potential owners that you’ve lovingly cared for your home by tastefully displaying artwork and family portraits.
    • Like me, you’ve probably heard it’s best to take down photos of yourself before showings. Some people think this helps the potential buyers really envision themselves in the home instead of these other people’s faces. However, when we have beautiful photos we’ve spent time displaying it shows a level of care and commitment to make a house into a beautiful home. As a buyer, people like to know the home has been maintained and not just lived in carelessly. Photographs can be a great way to show that care.
    • Along these same lines, when you do have showings it’s best to put away any valuables. While we like to think we all live in the best neighborhoods or have the safest towns, the reality is we can’t make any promises. Whether it’s jewelry or that special bottle of Pappy’s it’s better to hide all temptation and save yourself any future trouble.
  • Neutral colors if you’re going to paint.
    • Not every home needs a fresh coat of paint. Touch ups can do the trick well enough. However, some rooms may need a new coat of paint and your best bet is to go neutral. Neutral colors typically brighten up any room and provide a clean slate for a buyer to envision the room as their own.
  • Trust your realtor- they know the market, area, and how to accurately price houses…after all it’s their job!
    • Realtors are amazing people who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to houses, neighborhoods, the current feel of the ‘market,’ and even people to call for all those last minute changes to your home. When a realtor comes to you with their suggestion on how to price your home it’s because they’ve taken the time to research all these factors to know the best way to get you the most money. Of course, realtors are people too and make mistakes so don’t be afraid to ask questions about their suggestions and choices. Also remember, you’ve hired them to do this job so let them do it- after all it’s their paycheck on the line too.
  • Empty isn’t always best. Staging is key.
    • Some of us might be in a position to sell a home without actually living in it at the same time. Moving all the furniture out might seem like a great way to expedite the moving and selling process but for many people seeing an empty room can be difficult to imagine how furniture will fit. For individuals who see a lot of homes or have some design skills and knowledge, a clean slate might be exciting. For the average Joe, and people like myself, it can be a little overwhelming. Having some furniture allows the space to have a purpose without taking away from the actual bones of the home. Staging is really the key to making any room look like a million bucks and can often be the reason a home sells quicker than its competitors.

Although these tips might not be secrets I hope you’ve been able to gain some confidence moving forward on your home selling adventure! Stay tuned next week for some tips on buying.QS